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The X-10 is approved by the GSA for use on approved Class 5 and Class 6 Filing Cabinets and Class 5 Security Vault Doors. The X-10 is self-powered using "green" PowerStar™ technology. Simply rotate the dial to power up the lock and enter the combination.

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ART METAL CL6-5 4-Drawer GSA-Approved File Cabinet WITH LOCK& COMBINATION* Click on Images for larger view* Here is a Good Condition CL6-5 4-Drawer GSA-Approved File Cabinet. Made by ART METAL INDUSTRIES, with the Combination Lock and Combination. Measures 19" Wide X 28" Deep X 58" High. Shipping Weight: 500 lbs Thanks The Right Stuff Online. Inc.

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provides harder finish, reduces fingerprints and daily wear. Space for Hanging File Labels -- close the drawer and they don’t rip off! Built-In Hanging File Folder Rails. Nothing to assemble, no sagging rails. Complies with Federal Specification AA-F-358 for the storage of TOP SECRET, SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.

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For additional questions, Call the DoD Lock Program Technical Support Hotline at 800-290-7607, 805-982-1212, or DSN 551-1212.

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LaBarge Lock and Safe Technicians is a factory certified technician and installer for the S&G 2740A and 2740B series of GSA Approved combination locks meeting Federal Specification FF-L-2740B. Sargent & Greenleaf 2890B Factory Certified

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We also offer the popular copy-controlled mechanical locks from Medeco suitable for government security. We service, certify, and sell GSA-approved safes and other containers appropriate for government security. Please see our sales page for our stock on hand. Our full line of government security services includes: Re-keys/Combination Changes

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Kaba-Mas has announced that the color of all X-10 models will change from gray to black. We no longer have these locks with a gray finish. X-10 High Security Lock. NSN 5340-01-613-2078 (GSA) - NSN 5340-01-625-9851 (DLA) The X-10 High...

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GSA Approved Class 6 Legal File Cabinet - 4 Drawer - Single Lock - Gray - Includes Shipboard Mounting Base, tested and approved by GSA. Choose either X-10 or S&G 2740 Lock, approved under #FF-L-2740. Price includes shipping and dock to dock delivery in the Continental United States. Additional delivery services are available.

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After extensive General Services Administration (GSA) testing, the X-10 high-security electromechanical combination lock, developed by Kaba Mas, has been determined to meet the U.S. Government's requirements for an electromechanical combination lock designed and manufactured to protect unattended national security information (NSI).. The X-10 is a self-powered combination lock using …

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This two-week course begins with combination locks used on GSA containers including the latest electromechanical locks approved under FF-L-2740 (Kaba-Mas X-10 and S&G 2740B) and mechanical lock approved under FF-L-2937 (S&G 2937).

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10/1/2015 · Works in conjunction with both GSA approved combination locks Modular design makes it ideal for variety of commercial environments Learn how the 2890B can enhance the safety and security of your sensitive environments.

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Combination locks have either hand-change or key-change capability. A number of combination locks produced by a variety of manufacturers have been approved by GSA. These GSA-approved locks along with the non-approved locks use slightly different operating instructions and unique keys or particular hand change techniques for changing combinations.

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ART METAL CL6-5 4-Drawer GSA-Approved File Cabinet WITH LOCK& COMBINATION* Click on Images for larger view* Here is a Good Condition CL6-5 4-Drawer GSA-Approved File Cabinet. Made by ART METAL INDUSTRIES, with the Combination Lock and Combination. Measures 19" Wide X 28" Deep X 58" High. Shipping Weight: 500 lbs Thanks The Right Stuff Online. Inc.

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The Model 2937 lock represents the latest design advances to produce a mechanical lock to secure certain types of GSA-approved containers, such as field safes, armory vault doors, weapons containers and similar items. The Model 2937 lock is a UL Group 1 lock designed to meet Federal Specification FF-L-2937. Find Distributor.

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Introduction to Combination Locks. GSA-approved security file cabinets, map and plan containers, vault doors, and doors to facilities approved for open storage of classified information must be secured with a lock that has been tested and approved against Federal Specification FF-L-2740.

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The DoD Lock Program is sponsored by the following agencies: NAVFAC, PSEAG, US Army, DLA, CIA, DNI, GSA, and CNIC.. The DoD Lock Program is designated as the DoD technical authority for locks, safes, vaults, seals, and containers used to protect national security information (NSI) and arms, ammunitions, and explosives (AA&E).

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#7) TSA-Approved Combination Lock w/ Open Alert Indicator These combination luggage locks by TravelMore are similar to the Master Lock TSA locks above, except they include an open alert indicator. If TSA decides to open your case, a red button pops up beneath the steel shackle.

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This video demonstrates how to change the combination of the X-07 and X-09 locks. The X-07 and X-09 locks are electronic combination locks found on many GSA approved security containers. feedback. View PDF Transcript. Download Video (30 megabytes)

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Available w/ electromechanical or combination locks Single Lock or Multi-lock Designs Amendment 1 of Federal Specification AA-F-358H requires that all locks used on GSA Approved Security Containers, except Field Safes, weapons cabinets and armory vault doors meet Federal Specification FF-L-2740.

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The X-10 is the only Style 1 combination lock and is approved for use on all GSA Approved Security Containers and Vault Doors. The X-10 is also approved for use on Federal. Specification FF-L-2890B locks installed on pedestrian doors to Secure Rooms and Sensitive …

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10/1/2015 · Once GSA-approved status has been achieved, the supplier is entered into the official database created to streamline federal government purchasing of commercial products and services. ... The PDL offers capabilities to integrate with the S&G Model 2740B electromechanical combination lock, as well as other combination locks approved to federal ...

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Class 6 security filing cabinets are designed to resist covert surreptitious and forced entry… Locksmith Services. Nationwide service on many different types of commercial locks and safes. We purchase all types of GSA rated Diebold Hamilton or Mosler class 5 or class 6 containers.

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The GSA-approved changeable combination padlock built to Federal Specification FF-P110 (Sargent and Greenleaf Model 8077A), is intended for use only as an indoor or sheltered area reusable seal. This padlock: a. Is not intended for use outdoors, or to protect against forced entry.

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The only SCIF door locks available that carry a five year warranty when installed with the S&G 2740B GSA approved electronic combination lock. These unique SCIF door locks have a modular design so that an entire locking device does not have to be replaced in case of damage or failure.