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SGS1507021 Gorilla-Snot Safety Data Sheet 1 of 8 Revised: 2/9/2018 GORILLA -SNOT ® SAFETY DATA SHEET . SECTION 1 – IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME GORILLA-SNOT® Soil Stabilizer & Dust Control Agent . CHEMICAL FAMILY Synthetic Copolymer Dispersion . MANUFACTURER Soilworks®, LLC – Soil Stabilization & Dust Control. 7580 N Dobson Rd, Ste 320

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Finding the perfect product that allows your hair to be great and saves a few coins is masterful, but we want that greatness without compromising our hair’s health. Curlyhead101 from Curly Q&A asked about a popular and unique styling gel. Question "Gorilla snot gel (alcohol) ingredient

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This is an added benefit if you have dry hair or are going to be out in dry weather. When choosing your hair gel, be sure to select a glycerin free, non-drying and alcohol-free gel. Products like Gorilla Snot contain harmful alcohols that can dry out your hair. There are also some who claim that Gorilla Snot is not very useful in humid weather.

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7/1/2014 · Using gel on wet hair, usually gives me a shrunken puff, as the curls are not that defined. I notice my hair shrinks more when the gel is applied to dripping wet hair. No matter what look Im going for, these gels leave my hair happy! Gorilla Snot. Yes, Gorilla Snot is a brand and I cannot live without this stuff! This thick, glue-like gel lays ...

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EXTRA, FIRM HOLD FOR LONG LASTING STYLES Maximum Hold Styling Snot, an extra hold formula infused with Argan Oil from Morocco, will smooth, tame frizz and hold ANY style in place all day. Perfect for kinky, curl styles. PRODUCT BENEFITS Smoothes & Controls Edges Holds Twist Outs & Updos Flake-Free Hold NO Sulfates*, NO Silicones*, […]

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#4 - Gorilla Snot: best edge control gels for 4c hair. The name of this #4 best edge control for coarse hair may not sound appealing, but many naturalistas with coarse 4C natural hair cannot live without this stuff. It's very thick, and that's the best part because it lays your hair down as if it were glue. It is great for very kinky 4C coarse ...

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Gorilla-Snot is a biodegradable, copolymer-based dispersion that is primarily designed to control dust and erosion. It’s non-hazardous, meaning it’s safe for the environment and safe to transport by land, sea or air. Gorilla-Snot will not migrate away from treated areas and will not seep into the groundwater.

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My Natural Hair Routine (Gorilla snot gel) Leave a Comment / Beauty. Is gorilla snot gel good for natural hair. So I have a natural hair routine for maybe about three to four years now. I have had natural hair for a couple of years on and off. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered and go and get it relaxed.

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Gorilla snot gel still available at ksh 1400. We are open for delivery 0734477323

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GORILLA SNOT GEL Ist Impression Review on NATURAL HAIR + Updated WASH AND GO Routine! Do you want to see how I used Gorilla Snot for my NEW WASH AND GO routine?! Here's my 1st impression review on this amazing gel that's been hyped about for quite some time…yeah I'm late lol ...

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This Gorilla Snot Gel blends all-natural ingredients which helps transform your hair into any style you can imagine with a little extra shine. Moco de Gorila gels do not flake and can be reactivated easily with Water. Moco de Gorila Shiny Galan Hair Gel helps you represent your Party Animal with Supreme Fashion Sense through your Hairstyle.



Let your hair have its own personality that withstands all weather conditions or activities. This Gorilla Snot Gel protects your hair with its one of a kind natural formula that has no residue. It’s very durable, comes in a large 11.9oz bottle.

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11/14/2017 · Battle Of The SNOTSGorilla Snot Gel vs. Creme of Nature Snot Gel So we’ve got TWO similar products, with the same name… let’s see how they stack up!! First Impression review of the Moco De Gorila Gorilla Snot Gel and the Creme of Nature Snot Gel, to find out which is best on natural hair!

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 6pk - Gorilla Snot - Moco De Gorila - Extreme - Yellow 11.99oz at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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5/11/2016 · Gorilla Snot Galan Gel is a water based natural hair gel that is a great styling option for natural hair styles and works well as an edge control.



Learn the best gorilla snot gel tricks. gorilla snot edge control aka moco de gorila will help you achieve any gorilla snot hair styles ideas you might have. Find out great gorilla snot on natural hair reviews as well as crucial pros and cons of gorilla snot in order to achieve...

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2/17/2012 · For indestructible hairstyles that require the strength of a gorilla. Let your hair have its own personality that withstands all weather conditions or activities. This gorilla snot gel protects your hair with its one of a kind natural formula that has no residue.



MOCO DE GORILA® HAIR GEL Discover a whole new world in hair styling, Snott Gorila Hair Styling Gel; Moco de Gorila®. This is the product for all the most way-out hair styles that need GORILLA STRENGHT! Keeps hair free of residue, protects it and keeps it clean. If …

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7/25/2012 · Gorilla Snot for Type 4c Natural Hair I think the first time I heard about Gorilla Snot was with my brief stint living in Coco Beach,Florida. I was working in a local salon and the owner just so happened to want to start dred locks.

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Image source: amazon.com. Have you been thinking about whether to use Gorilla Snot on natural hair? Gorilla Snot is a catchy name, but the bizarreness of it will make you think twice before choosing it.. And as if the name weren’t controversial enough, the substance inside the bottle is distinct and different from most hair gels.Does it work for natural hair or should it be avoided?

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This Gorilla Snot Gel blends all-natural ingredients which helps you to transform your hair into any style you can imagine. Moco de Gorila Gels do not flake and can be reactivated easily with Water. Moco Punk Hair Gel helps you be rebellious, loud, energetic, and reflect your attitude through your Hairstyle.

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This gorilla hair gel is easy to apply by adding a bit to your hand and rubbing in with your fingers. Made from natural ingredients, it's healthy and safe to use. This styling gel comes in an 11.9 oz size and creates a super strong hold that's made to last. Moco Gorilla Sport Squeeze Purple Gel …

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Our product will draw all the attention on any stage. Its advanced residue-free formula, also nourishes your hair because of the natural ingredients. What else you need to know: The best part is that it leaves no residues. How to use: Apply a portion of GORILLA SNOT GEL …

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Gorilla snot vs eco styler gel on short natural hair gorilla snot vs eco styler gel on short natural hair you the best edge control gorilla snot gel natural hair review laying my edges with gorilla snot natural hair demo review. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

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10/25/2016 · Here’s 6 edge control gels that I’ve tried on my unruly 4c edges. Make sure you read all the way to the end to find out which is my favorite. ORS Olive Oil Edge Control. A clear, lightweight jam with Olive Oil which is rich in essential fatty acids, Aloe which is a great moisturizer and Wheat Protein to strengthen hair and reduce breakage.

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3/10/2020 · Gorilla Snot is a line of products from Moco De Gorila, a Mexican hair product company. It is designed to be an extreme hold styling gel ‘for punk rockers’, and comes in three flavors. Galan Squizz, which comes in a green bottle has a hold factor of 8; Rockero Squizz, which comes in a green bottle, has a hold factor of 9; and finally, Punk ...



GORILLA SNOT ® HAIR GEL. Discover a whole new world in hair styling, Snott Gorilla Hair Styling Gel (moco de gorila). This is THE product for all the most way-out hair styles that need GORILLA STRENGHT!Keeps hair free of residue, protects it and keeps it clean.

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Moco de Gorila (Gorilla Snot) is a hair hold and styling line especially designed to create a hairdo to reflect your personality. When using ‘Moco de Gorila’ you will have a strong hold without damaging your hair, as it is prepared by using highest quality natural ingredients; in addition, you can reactivate it by using water throughout the day to renew your hairdo with no need for a ...