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Dill’s Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds 2015. Without a doubt, Atlantic Giant is one of the worlds largest pumpkin varieties. Developed by Mr. Howard Dill of Nova Scotia, this giant has won numerous world titles for largest pumpkin, often weighing in excess of 450 kg (1000 lbs)! Even under normal conditions in the average home garden, […]

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Find Pumpkin Atlantic Giant Seeds online from D. T. Brown Vegetable Seeds, The world s heaviest pumpkin.

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Dill’s Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds 2015. Without a doubt, Atlantic Giant is one of the worlds largest pumpkin varieties. Developed by Mr. Howard Dill of Nova Scotia, this giant has won numerous world titles for largest pumpkin, often weighing in excess of 450 kg (1000 lbs)! Even under normal conditions in the average home garden, […]


ATLANTIC GIANT SEEDS (PUMPKIN) - Plant World Seeds. Giant pinky-yellow pumpkins which have been developed over the years to grow to produce the maximum sized fruit of any plant. Although grown primarily for competition, the dark flesh of the mature pumpkin is tasty when used as pie filling.

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Tips for growing giant pumpkins free with every order. 120 DAYS. Seed Counts: 1/2 oz. of pumpkin seeds contains about 65-150 seeds and sows a 100-ft. row. I'm gardening elsewhere.

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Atlantic giant pumpkin seed by Mr. Fothergill's. The world/s largest pumpkin variety. Pumpkin Atlantic Giant is the number one choice for growing a real giant. Tasty flesh also makes it great for kitchen use. An excellent source of vitamin A. Useful Information: Suitable for exhibition and showbench

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Having obtained your seeds, start them off as soon as possible in a small pot in a warm, bright place, like a sunny windowsill. Sow individually just under the surface into 3\" pots of multi-purpose compost and germinate indoors at 20 to 24 degrees. A handy tip is to plant the seed sideways into the compost to avoid water 'sitting' on it and causing rot. In a week or so, two weeks at most, the seed should have germinated.

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The present day record is over 2500 pounds! Ron Wallace’s giant pumpkin seeds routinely sell on the Internet for hundreds of dollars for a single seed! Here is your chance to grow giant pumpkins with “top of the line” Wallace genetics. Wallace Whoppers are fun to grow and you will be astounded at its amazing rate of growth. Start your own ...

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Goliath Giant pumpkin seeds and Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds are readily available. This will get you started. After a year or two of learning and attending the giant pumpkin weighoffs, you will come in contact with growers, who can give you some of the best genetic seeds available. The very best genetics are not available in stores.

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Dill's Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds hold the world record for giant pumpkins, and produce the largest fruit in the plant kingdom. Bred in eastern Canada by Howard Dill, Atlantic Giant can reach 1,000 lbs or more! The record is 1,725 lbs - see if you can break it! The really …

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Also make sure the pot is wet when transplanting. Sow 2 seeds per pot and do not thin. Germinates best at 22 C (72 F) in 7 to 10 days. Fertilize for the first 3 weeks with 10-52-17 formula. Pumpkins are ripe once the stem has reached a dark green color and is starting to wither. Ample water is needed for optimum size! Growing Giant Pumpkin Tips

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DVD PACKAGE #2. This year we will include free with each “HOW TO GROW GIANT PUMPKINS 2019” DVD, and “HOW I GREW A NEW NORTH AMERICAN RECORD PUMPKIN IN 2017 of 2,363# DVD, a seed from our 1,678.5-19, a 1578.5-19 pound pumpkin, a seed from our 1,415-19, a 1,402-19 pound pumpkin, a seed from our 1,038-19 and a seed from our 641-19 pound pumpkin.

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10/30/2015 · Atlantic Giant pumpkins can pack on close to 50 pounds a day during peak growing season, says plant physiologist Jessica Savage at the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University. Though a …

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Sow seeds directly in the garden. Give large-fruited pumpkins plenty of room to ramble. For improved drainage sow in mounds, or hills, of soil 12 inches in diameter, 6-8 inches tall. Sow 4-6 seeds in groups about 3 inches apart. Each group should be about 4-6 feet apart. Cover with 1 inch of fine soil and firm lightly. Keep evenly moist.

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Pumpkin Seeds; Pumpkin Seeds - Atlantic Giant; Hover over to zoom, click to enlarge. Pumpkin Seeds - Atlantic Giant. Cucurbita. This is the really big one, regularly producing monsters up to and over 300kg. If you want to win the local pumpkin growing competition …

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This pumpkin will easily produce 300-500 lb. fruits with ease. Pumpkins have rough skin and beautiful ribbing. The Atlantic Giant will grow at an astonishing pace if given adequate nutrients and spacing. Sow the seeds outdoors when danger of frost is past, or start indoors in peat pots.

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10/26/2015 · One-thousand-plus pound pumpkins generally result from high-pedigree hybrid seeds, which circulate among the most serious growers and cost from $10 to $100 or more per seed. But virtually all giant pumpkins are descended from a variety called Dill’s Atlantic Giant, which is widely available from seed companies and sells for typical seed ...


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Atlantic Giant pumpkins plus the most recent selection of favourite pumpkin varieties. Lists seeds, tarps, growing tips, books, trademark, souvenirs, mailing list and order form with address, phone and fax.

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Where can I buy good seeds? You can buy Atlantic Giant Pumpkins seed at any licensed retailer or seed distributor. Check your local major nursery store. You can buy the seeds via mail order by reading the Secrets page. Top of Page. How do I enter a contest? Join a local Society that is defined on the Unofficial Giant Pumpkin page. Top of Page

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In the UK we have a few varieties of seed suitable for giant pumpkin growing, all available from the allotment shop: pumpkin seeds. Dill’s Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds. The Atlantic Giant Pumpkin is the variety I grew. It’s regularly produced monsters weighing over 600lbs. They claim it’s delicious, but I was just aiming for size

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The record for Dill’s Atlantic Giant pumpkin is 2,230.5 lbs. This variety features slightly rough skin that varies from yellow to orange.

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Place one "Dill's Atlantic Giant" pumpkin seed in the bottom of each hole. Fill in each hole with 1 inch of soil, tamping it down firmly. Water the planting site thoroughly using a garden hose.