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We manufacture Leser Type Safety Valve using excellent quality raw material to assemble all the requirements of API 526 such as standardized,consistent capacity, nominal diameter, and center to face dimensions which offers complete compatibility. Because of their robust construction, they are particularly appropriate for being constructed from ...

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Leser. Careers. We are currently seeking self motivated, talented individuals with a minimum of 5 years experience in valve applications. If you meet this brief we would be interested to hear from you. Send your CV to [email protected]valvedistributors.com.au. Case Studies.

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Our pressure relief valve is engineered with our straightforward, hygienic SimpleSet design, making it the premier choice for more than 25 years. Our pressure relief valves are fully adjustable with pressures ranging from 5-200 psi, combining versatility with an easy to operate design.

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All safety relief valves are set to your required blow off pressure and supplied with a test and conformity certificate. We also offer an overhaul, resetting and testing service of your existing valves. We supply many brands including Bailey Birkett, Nabic, Goetze, Wade, Leser, Kunkle, Gresswell, Seetru, Spirax Sarco and ARI Armaturen.

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281 Zero Leak PRI® Pressure Relief Valve for low flow pressure relief applications. Working temperature is -65 °F to +275 °F and the cracking pressure is preset at the factory with capabilities ranging from 800 psid up to 4700 psid. Each Zero Leak PRI is 100% tested …


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Pressure vessels and piping systems containing gas, air, liquid or steam • LPG / LNG terminals, carriers etc. • Cryogenic systems and oxygen applications • Thermal relief • High pressure extraction plants. General Design Features. LESER´s Compact Performance Safety Valves . cover a large variety of types, materials and options to fit ...



德国莱斯leser安全阀,始于1818,是欧洲专业的安全阀制造商,为中国境内的本土企业和外资企业提供专业的安全阀和服务。产品包括api型、紧凑型、高性能型、洁净型、内衬型、调节型、先导式等全系列高品 …

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LESER is a medium-sized, family-owned company, backed up by almost 200 years of tradition. LESER is a headquartered in Hamburg/Germany and maintains a state-of-the-artfactory. The core business is the safety of pressurized facilities. LESER sells, produces and …

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Sicherheitsventile für alle industriellen Anwendungen von LESER. Sicherheitsventile schützen Anlagen, Menschen und Umwelt vor unzulässigem Überdruck.

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Leser Valve and Parts Inventory Manufacturer Quantity Item Description Item Number Unit Cost Extended Cost LESER 2 LESER Relief Valve 3/4" 150# x 1" 150# RF 4592.2482.V05.V18 600.88 1,201.76 LESER 2 LESER Relief Valve 3/4" 300# x 1" 300# RF 4592.2482.V06.V18 600.88 1,201.76

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It may or may not be a pressure containing part. A device to apply an external force to the stem of a pressure relief valve to manually operate the valve at some pressure below the set pressure The element in a safety valve that provides the force to keep the disc on …

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New Safety and Pressure Relief Valves As well as servicing existing relief valves, we are able to advise and supply new valves. We have developed strong links with many of the worlds major relief valve manufacturers, which allows us to offer competitive prices for new valves.

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Induchem supply Leser Safety valves for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries that meet all the relevant standards and regulations such as DIN 11866 or ASME BPE.

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LESER offers pilot operated safety valves with rapid or proportional opening characteristics. The supplementary loading system for the High Efficiency product group uses external air pressure to guarantee better tightness up to set pressure.

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Adjustable Antisiphon Relief Valve (12) Adjustable Back Pressure Relief Valve (151) Adjustable Relief Valve (160) Calibrated Adjustable Relief Valve (3) Combination Fill and Relief Valve (2) Cryogenic Valve (2) Nonadjustable Relief Valve (2) POP Safety Relief Valve (123) Pressure Only Relief Valve (1) Purge Valve (5) Safety Relief Valve (780)

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Unified Valve provides service and repair for all types of valves and specializes in pressure safety valves by all manufacturers.We can help you with a complete line of valve products, procurement, repair, installation, maintenance and on-site services.

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Leser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Safety Relief Valves.The company is headquartered in Germany, and all manufacturing takes place in Germany. Standard factory delivery is 4 weeks, and a large inventory is based in Charlotte, North Carolina for quick shipment.We are proud of our products, and deliveries, and our prices.We gladly publicize our prices, because they are ...



4/13/2018 · the safety valve company LESER specialises in fast production and delivery of bespoke valves through its “Ontime” round the clock order service. Heaton Valves Africa uses LESER’s state of the art valve sizing software program – Valvestart for valve selection and has its’ own test rigs for valve setting and calibration.