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Oasser Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester Rechargeable Lithium Battery Fuel Cell Sensor Breath Tester Digital LED Display A Blow Cup and 4 Mouthpieces and T3. $58.99 Oasser Alcohol Tester Alcohol Breathalyzer Semiconductor Professional Digital LCD Display Rechargeable Build-in Lithium Battery 4 Mouthpieces Included FDA Approved.

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Breathalyzer Buying Guide. If you’re looking to purchase a breathalyzer for commercial, legal or personal purposes, there are several considerations you need to make. You'll very quickly run up against two different types of alcohol breathalysers: those that use a semiconductor sensor and those that use a fuel cell sensor.Yet even within each type, there are factors that can increase or ...

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This personal breathalyser uses an internal fuel cell to measure alcohol in your breath, which is one of the more accurate ways to test. Testing is simple, and blood alcohol is presented as a percentage on the backlit LCD display.

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Product Description. The CA20F is a professional breathalyzer that quickly measures subject's breath alcohol concentration (BAC). On-board advanced fuel cell sensor makes the CA20F very popular with the law enforcement agencies, hospitals, clinics, workplace safety, …

Fuel Cell Alcohol Tester

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Breathalyser. Alcohol Breath Tester. BACtrack Mobile Pro. XTEND FUEL CELL +50MP

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Advantages of Using Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyzer Jun 12, 2018 In general, a breath alcohol tester is otherwise known as a breathalyzer, is a bit of hardware intended to gauge a person's BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) from a specimen of their breath.

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38 product ratings 38 product ratings - Breathalyser. Alcohol Breath Tester. BACtrack S80 Pro / XTEND® POLICE FUEL CELL

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Fuel Cell Specificity For Alcohol. In the early 1990’s, investigators at the University of Tennessee at Memphis measured the response of fuel cell-based alcohol breath testing instruments to various substances 1.These included many that might be expected …

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Alcoscan ALC-1 is a Fuel cell type (professional grade) breathalyzer that can be used up to 1,000 times before re-calibration is required. What’s more, instead of having to send the breathalyzer to a lab for re-calibration, you can simply purchase a pre-calibrated replacement sensor module to replace the existing sensor module so as to have it re-calibrated.

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alcohol tester Manufacturers Directory ☆ 3 million global importers and exporters ☆ alcohol tester suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, alcohol tester sellers, traders, exporters and distributors from China and around the world at EC21.com

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Fuel Cell Sensors for Breath Analysis. The analytical heart of all lion alcolmeter ® range is the Lion fuel cell sensor. This device receives the breath sample, from which any alcohol that is present in it becomes instantly absorbed onto its working electrode: this electrode is made from a specially prepared platinum-black catalyst material.

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This page lists manufacturers of quality Alcohol Tester, find out more by clicking breath alcohol tester, alcohol breath tester, digital breath alcohol tester with competitive price. You can always contact our buyer service for a recommended list of meters and Instruments manufacturers tailored …

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Our range of products include a20 breath alcohol tester, a60 alcohol breath analyzer, a6000 breath analyzer with inbuilt printer, amp 1 alcohol breath analyzer with in built printer, amrutha gold alcohol breath analyzer and at 233 fuel cell alcohol breath analyser.

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10/12/2019 · [email protected] Breathalyzer, Professional Grade and Portable Fuel Cell Sensor Breath Alcohol Tester has a very nice digital display which makes it very easy to read. It is very easy to use the device ...

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Fuel cell sensors rely on an electrochemical process that oxidizes the alcohol in a breath sample and produces an electrical current that the breathalyzer measures to determine the BAC.. A fuel cell consists of two platinum electrodes that are partitioned by a porous acid-electrolyte material. As exhaled air passes through the fuel cell, the platinum oxidizes any alcohol present and produces ...

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Oasser Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester Rechargeable Lithium Battery Fuel Cell Sensor Breath Tester Digital LED Display A Blow Cup and 4 Mouthpieces and T3. $58.99 Oasser Alcohol Tester Alcohol Breathalyzer Semiconductor Professional Digital LCD Display Rechargeable Build-in Lithium Battery 4 Mouthpieces Included FDA Approved.

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1/11/2018 · Fuel cell sensors measure the concentration of alcohol in a breath sample by measuring the amount of electrical voltage that is generated when alcohol compounds are being oxidised. The more alcohol is present, the greater the voltage the fuel cell generates and the higher the BAC reading.

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The AlcoLimit VIVID is a stylish yet highly accurate breath alcohol tester for all ages. Superior fuel cell sensor technology and Australian Standards approved make this a great buy at only $229. bactrack smartphone breathalyser S80 breathalyser now the RBT Mini Breathalyser has arrived. Precise breath alcohol test results. Accurate, cheap ...

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AT8030 Fuel Cell Alcohol Tester; AT188 Consumer Breath Alcohol Tester; AT8080 Fuel Cell Alcohol Tester; AT8060 Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Tester; AT8020 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer; AT800 Fuel Cell Keychain Breathalyzer; AT6000 Breathalyzer; AT198 Consumer Alcohol Tester

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AT8800 is an intelligent alcohol tester with keyboard, easy operation. Using Electrochemical (fuel cell) alcohol sensor, good reliability and accuracy,

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1/17/2020 · There is a fuel cell sensor which can detect alcohol over a range of concentrations from 0.000 to 0.400 per cent. Tests have shown the results to be repeatable and reliable. This accuracy is maintained over thousands of tests giving you long-term reliability. It’s simple to operate with a user-friendly screen. Approved by all major agencies.

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JASTEK Breathalyzer, [2019 New Version] Fuel Cell Sensor Digital Breath Alcohol Tester and Professional Grade Blood Alcohol Content Detector Made of Zinc Alloy 3.6 out of 5 stars 12 $99.97 $ 99 . 97

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Cheap Alcohol Tester, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:GREENWON LED Display Fuel Cell sensor alcohol tester breathalyzer digital alcohol detector Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return.

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Lifeloc's top of the line professional breath alcohol testing devices, the FC20 and the FC20BT, are the most advanced and feature rich on the market.Our premium tester includes all the features of the FC10™ and FC10Plus™ in addition to standard 4000 test memory, customizable printing options and computer interface with keyboard options.. The FC20 operating system is built for user flexibility.

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Fuel cell Fuel cell gas sensors are based on the oxidation of ethanol to acetaldehyde on an electrode. The current produced is proportional to the amount of alcohol present. These sensors are very stable, typically requiring calibration every 6 months, and are the …

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Breathalyzer-FiT233,Portable Alcohol Tester breathalyzer producted by A&A Product Manufacturing Limited,uses the latest technology–fuel cell for Alcohol Testing.At the same time, the compact structure and friendly user interface can provide fast and accurate quantitative analysis of breath breathalyzer for the professional person.

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Please be noted: for above alcohol testers XHST sereis, the testing unit can be any unit which is described in the description. Some models, the units are already in-built in the tester, user can choose any one depends on his using, some models, the screen can display 2 units at the same time.

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The QM-7302 personal breathalyzer is a hand-held professional alcohol analyzer that uses an electrochemical reaction for platinum vs. ethanol molecules. It features: - Professional Fuel Cell Sensor and Technology. - Display Range: 0.00-0.400% BAC. - Quick Response. - …

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Powered by BACtrack's largest Xtend Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor, the BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer is the most accurate breathalyzer in the BACtrack family, delivering reliable BAC results, with police-grade accuracy. From being used as an alcohol detector for employees in businesses, to acting as an alcohol tester for patients in ...

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4/3/2019 · Semiconductor breathalyzers generally require more frequent calibration, whereas fuel cell devices can remain accurate for thousands of tests. Long Life x Fuel cell breathalyzers have a much longer lifespan than semiconductor devices. Alcohol Specific x Fuel cell devices screen exclusively for ethyl alcohol, or drinking alcohol.

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Andatech AlcoSense Volt Alcohol Breathalyser and USB Power Pack 2600mAh Battery. Andatech AlcoSense Pro Breathalyser Andatech AL6000 Pro - Black. Andatech Navy AlcoSense Verity Personal Breathalyser - ALS-VERITY. Andatech Wingmate Pro Alcohol Tester Breathalyser Fuel Cell Sensor. Andatech Personal Breathalyzer Sober Mate S5 Fuel Cell Sensor 12 ...